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biological engineering program overview

biological engineering student working in lab.

biological engineering

combines the principles of biology, engineering, and technology to create solutions for health care, manufacturing, and the environment. biological engineers are at the forefront of engineering innovation, developing ways to create bio-based fuels, plastics, sensors, and pharmaceuticals. the biological engineering program at usu gives students hands-on experience in the lab and field where our researchers are creating new technologies and building new engineering tools that make everyday 99久久爱re热6在线播放2life better for all of us.

student experience

biological engineering undergraduate students present their research at national and international conferences and competitions • over 80% of usu biological engineering students who apply to medical school are accepted • classes have a small student-teacher ratio • biological engineering offers a concurrent bs/ms degree

areas of application

medical • pharmaceutical • environmental • biomaterials • biosensors • synthetic biology • metabolic engineering • biophotonics • tissue engineering

internships and careers

arup laboratories • myriad genetics • guthrie medical • thermo-fisher scientific • centers for disease control • bd medical • westech • ge medical • sandia national laboratory • pfizer pharmaceuticals • biofire • fresenius medical • frontier scientific